Have a social enterprise idea? Villgro gives you Rs 25,000 monthly (plus other benefits) to make it a reality

villgro FIIt’s a new year, and this is a great time to start anew. If you have an idea for a social enterprise, Villgro is giving you an opportunity to make your dream come true, with their idea to enterprise initiative. Applications for Villgro’s 2014 entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) program is now open. The 12-month in-residence program for very early-stage entrepreneurs helps them focus on executing on their ideas rather than worry about the usual set of problems than young start-ups face.

Here are benefits of the program offers.

  • A stipend of Rs 25,000 per month for one year
  • Office space and facilities at the Villgro headquarters in Chennai
  • Classroom sessions (through Villgro’s SEED programme) to help you learn how to build your business
  • Hands-on support from the right mentors handpicked just for you
  • Access to funding and facilities for prototyping your idea
  • Access to funding for market research
  • Access to a network of service providers who can help you
  • An opportunity to raise funding and scale your business

Villgro is looking for candidates with an idea that uses market-based models to impact underserved communities and have qualities include persistence, drive and passion.

Want to understand what they look for? Take a look at some of the EIRs from the 2013 cohort.

Sagar Laygude, co-founder of Lifecatalyst Technologies is developing the Rubelite Glucose Sensor, a simple to use, low-cost blood glucose monitoring solution. B. Ganesh, founder of SkillTrain provides web-based and mobile-based vocational training to rural unemployed youth with the objective of preparing them for employment or entrepreneurship. Mervin Rosario, founder of Ignus is developing an education technology platform that will enable coaching institutes and universities to offer online courses giving students a near classroom experience. Adithya Pasupuleti, founder of One Billion Initiative provides a service to create solutions for rural needs through student innovations and projects.

While there is no guarantee of getting funded after the 52-week program, there’s a good chance that you might. If Villgro’s offer resonates with you, and you are interested in getting more information about the EIR program, write to Villgro at or apply directly here.

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