civic responsibility
How these innovators lit up over 500 villages with just pine needles and rice husk

A couple that migrated to the Himalayas would gape in wonder at the lineage of golden-brown pine trees, each taller and more resplendent than the last, which created the most picturesque frame out the window in their new lives. And while they couldn’t believe how breath-taking the scene was at one moment, they couldn’t digest […]

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Image: CNN
civic responsibility
Kabadi Express – Helping People Recycle Paper and Get Paid For Doing It

India recycles only about 20% of its waste paper. Though a bulk of the 80% of waste paper goes into “Indian” lifestyle aspects like wrapping, packing, etc., they eventually end up in dumping grounds. With the growing demand, we continue to axe more and more trees – the current demand of 10 million tonnes annually […]

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