Bhoole Bisre Geet to perform for cancer patients at Karunashraya, Bangalore

ICS_FIBhoole Bisre Geet (BBG) is a non-profit organization which brings music lovers together and showcases their talent. It has engaged over 1.4 lakh music fans across the world in over 25 countries. On February 8, 2014, BBG is going to do a show for Karunashraya in Bangalore.

The Bangalore Hospice Trust (BHT), which runs Karunashraya (meaning an ‘abode of compassion’), is a registered charitable trust instituted by the Indian Cancer Society (Karnataka Chapter) and Rotary Bangalore, Indiranagar, to provide free-of-charge professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients.  The trust has been offering in-patient care since 1999 and home care since 1995, tending to over 12,800 patients. The palliative healthcare model is prevalent predominantly in Kerala and efforts such as Karunashraya need all the support they get.

This event is a fund raiser for the Indian Cancer Society and all proceeds for the show directly go to them. Bhoole Bisre Geet has previously organized events in various parts of the country and for this particular event, singers like Mathangi Jagdish, Nanu Gurjar and more will be performing.  Donations can be made by purchasing a ticket and the event will also be aired on the internet.

Karunashraya offers free professional palliative care and this has been possible till now due to the constant trickle of donations. The center’s annual operating costs are INR 2.1 crores and more details about donations and the center are present on the website.

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