Matchbox Solutions strikes a new idea

Start Up Story covers a social enterprise, Matchbox Solutions, that addresses technology and process improvements for critical business segments.  One of these solutions focuses on the agribusiness supply chain through eFarm:

eFarm is a Farm-to-Home supply chain Platform for procuring and delivering farm based produce in a transparent, economical and efficient manner.

eFarm ties in farmers, intermediaries, logistics providers, distributors, small time retailers, all the way upto your local road side vendor into a single chain backed up best of breed information systems to deliver fresh, clean, low priced farm produce.

The approach involves aggregating demand, matching orders to suppliers, and localized distribution through NGOs and SHGs.  The step that stands out as was  different from the status quo is the advanced ordering – customers actually fill out an order form predicting how much of each item they will need.  Many families pick up their fresh vegetables every day or every other day, so advanced ordering requires a shift in consumer behavior. However, the process does allow for walk ins and pick ups directly from handcarts, in addition to home drop offs.

To learn more about how this supply chain solution works, take a look at this visual explanation: How eFarm Works

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