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The BJP manifesto's focus on the middle-class will have far-reaching impact

The BJP manifesto promises numerous initiatives for India's middle class across the spheres of jobs, health, education, and quality of life.

The BJP manifesto's focus on the middle-class will have far-reaching impact

Tuesday April 16, 2024 , 3 min Read

Recognising the importance of a thriving middle class to India's world-beating economic growth, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has—in its election manifesto—promised several measures that will boost the socio-economic group's numbers and improve the standard of living.

The ruling party has correctly identified that the biggest challenges to the middle class are healthcare expenses and better jobs. To help millions of Indian households tackle these challenges, the BJP manifesto promises healthcare support and the creation of high-value jobs that will bring prosperity not just to the top cities but also to the various corners of the country.

Also, by promising to continue its flagship scheme of providing free ration to the poor under PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana and by providing free electricity to poor households under PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, the BJP will ensure that more poor households enter the middle-class.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP have grand plans for the middle class in the spheres of health, education, and urban infrastructure where the goal is to create a better quality of life.

We take a closer look at some of the key highlights:

Focus on high-value jobs

BJP has promised the creation of high-value jobs, not just in metro cities but also in Tier II and III cities. These include encouragement for companies to set up Global Capability Centres (GCCs), Global Tech Centres (GTCs) and Global Engineering Centres (GECs) in India. In the manifesto, the party also promises to make India a leading hub for manufacturing.

Improve city infrastructure

BJP will encourage the creation of new satellite townships near metro cities across India through a combination of reforms and policy initiatives. The manifesto promises to create a multi-modal transport system, ensure water-secure cities, and eliminate open landfills for efficient waste management. These steps will go a long way in ensuring the quality of life of the middle class in cities.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Ease of living

The manifesto promises higher-quality physical infrastructure in cities, faster and improved digital infrastructure, pollution control, investment in emerging technologies, and overall better living conditions. The party plans to undertake long-term infrastructure projects for the cities through centre-state partnerships.


The manifesto promises to make RERAs (real estate regulatory authorities) more effective with means to reduce costs in construction and registration, along with other regulatory reforms.

Medical insurance for seniors

The BJP wants to introduce health insurance up to Rs 5 lakh for all citizens over 70 years of age, irrespective of their or their family's income/wealth status.


Under the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, individual houses and apartment buildings can install rooftop solar electricity units at a subsidy of 60% for the solar unit cost. The setup will be grid-connected, and excess generation can be fed into the grid and compensated in the electricity bills.


The BJP has promised expansion of IITs, IIMs and AIIMS, creating more seats and hence more opportunities for the children of middle-class families to access higher education of better quality and international standards.

Agri-storage infrastructure

Improved agricultural storage infrastructure will enable farmers to get better remuneration for their produce while also ensuring that middle-class consumers get lower and predictable food prices. The BJP has promised massive investments in this area.

India’s place in the world

The manifesto promises other foreign policy initiatives which promote Indian ideas and values to the world to carve out a position of respect for the Indian middle class.