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Kudos! NextLevel taps AI to redefine recruitment

At TechSparks Mumbai 2024, Sushil Kumar, Co-founder of Graphy, introduced NextLevel, a professional networking platform where tech job seekers can showcase skills and talents to hiring managers.

Kudos! NextLevel taps AI to redefine recruitment

Tuesday April 23, 2024 , 3 min Read

Getting the right job isn’t easy. Job seekers and recruitment managers may be divided over what’s more difficult, but a new dual-interface platform aims to change the hiring scenario.

Enter AI-powered platform NextLevel, which caters to tech jobs seekers and forward-thinking recruiters.

At the second edition of TechSparks 2024 Mumbai, Sushil Kumar, Co-founder of Graphy, introduced NextLevel, which showcases an individual’s skills beyond the resume. Drawing comparisons to LinkedIn but with innovative features, Kumar said the NextLevel platform lets professionals stand out through in-office achievements, mostly experienced by their team members, to go beyond the traditional confines of a resume and get support with their recruitment process. 

NextLevel, which allows professionals to demonstrate their skills and achievements in a comprehensive manner, offers a chance to showcase abilities, gain visibility, and connect with the right people.

Three key pillars 

Kumar introduced the application by saying, "There are things which are not shared outside the office network or team member, skills such as resolving conflicts, people coming up with innovative solutions." He added that NextLevel is a new professional network where “you can showcase who you truly are”.

The core of NextLevel stands on three key pillars: the user profile, Kudos stickers, and an AI-powered interview. Apart from highlighting professional experiences, users can engage in a new form of appreciation through ‘Kudos’ stickers. These stickers are a novel way to recognise and applaud the contributions of peers, colleagues, and friends, be it for resolving conflicts, offering innovative solutions for a project, or demonstrating exceptional skills.  

The Kudos feature lets users shine a light on such achievements, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation that supports building an individual’s professional profile beyond their resume.

Candidates can also directly demonstrate their abilities to a hiring manager using the AI-powered interview feature to respond to a series of questions tailored to a particular job description by video.

The combination of a candidate's abilities, recommendations (Kudos) from peers and colleagues, and an AI interview results in the creation of a thorough user profile that a recruiter can evaluate and utilise to aid in the recruiting process.

AI-powered recruitment platform 

In addition to its unique social aspects, the AI-powered recruitment platform is designed to match professionals with ideal career opportunities. The platform's 'Match Score' feature evaluates users based on their skills and performance, providing recruiters with valuable insights into their potential fit within a company. The intuitive user interface offers recruiters a comprehensive view of candidates, including their Match Score, AI Interview insights, and accumulated Kudos. This holistic approach to recruitment ensures that companies can make informed decisions while providing candidates with a platform to showcase their full potential.

More than 1,000 companies are actively hiring on NextLevel, and over 10,000 candidates have progressed through various interview rounds for 20+ job categories till date. The company’s client list includes PhonePe, Meesho, TechMahindra, Udaan, Mobile Premier League (MPL), Hexaware, IndiaMart,, Bajaj Allianz, and PolicyBazaar.

Kumar stated that NextLevel aims to “bring the money to you folks” by empowering individuals to stand out in a crowded job market and connect with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations.

With its innovative features and growing community, NextLevel represents the evolution of professional networking and career advancement.