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India's Smartest Thief, who stole 1000 cars, became a Fake judge and freed 2000 criminals.

From Law Graduate to Criminal Mastermind: The Incredible Journey of 'Super Natwarlal' Through 1000 Car Thefts and Judicial Impersonation

India's Smartest Thief, who stole 1000 cars, became a Fake judge and freed 2000 criminals.

Sunday February 25, 2024 , 3 min Read

In the world of crime, there are masterminds, and then there's Dhani Ram Mittal, better known as 'Super Natwarlal' or the 'Indian Charles Sobhraj.' Despite possessing a law degree and skills in handwriting analysis and graphology, Mittal chose a different path—one that led him to become one of India's most notorious and cunning criminals.

From Law Graduate to Station Master: The Beginnings of a Criminal Career

Before Mittal's life took a criminal turn, he was a law graduate. However, instead of pursuing a respectable legal career, he turned to forgery and deception. Between 1968 and 1974, Mittal worked as a station master, using fraudulent documents to secure the position. Little did anyone know that this was just the beginning of his criminal career.

Brazen Thievery: Over 1000 Car Thefts and Counting

Mittal's preferred method of operation? Brazen daylight car thefts. With a staggering criminal record boasting over 1000 car thefts, Mittal operated mainly in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and neighboring regions. From sleek sedans to rugged SUVs, no vehicle was safe from his grasp.

The Audacious Escape: A Judge in Disguise

In one of his most audacious moves, Mittal engineered the temporary absence of an additional session Judge from the Jhajjar court. With forged documents and a flair for deception, Mittal took over the Judge's position, releasing over 2000 criminals during a two-month period. However, authorities quickly caught on to Mittal's scheme, and the freed criminals were soon back in custody.

The Case of the Presiding Criminal: Mittal's Self-Administered Justice

Mittal's audacity knew no bounds. He even presided over his own case, delivering a judgment from the judge's chair before authorities realised the deception and he slipped away.

The 'Maruti Esteem' Chronicles: Mittal's Second Act of Infamy

In the most recent turn of events in Mittal's ongoing criminal narrative, he has once again thrust himself into the spotlight with his arrest in Delhi's Paschim Vihar. This time, his illegal activities involved attempting to offload a stolen Maruti Esteem car to a scrap dealer—ironically, the same vehicle he had brazenly taken from Shalimar Bagh. This incident serves as the second instance of car theft since his release from imprisonment, the earlier one taking place in March 2016.

Modus Operandi: Targeting Vintage Vehicles

During police interrogation, Mittal revealed his strategy—targeting older vehicles lacking advanced anti-theft systems. It seems Mittal had a knack for picking his targets, choosing the path of least resistance to his criminal pursuits.

The Endless Pursuit: Mittal's Whereabouts Unknown

As of now, Mittal's whereabouts remain a mystery. Despite multiple arrests and a history of evading justice, he continues to evade authorities. The saga of 'Super Natwarlal' continues, a living example of how education and talent can take a wrong turn, and how the loopholes in the legal system can be exploited by those with nefarious intent.

Conclusion: The Legend of 'Super Natwarlal' Lives On

Dhani Ram Mittal's story is not just about crime; it's about audacity, cunning, and a life lived on the wrong side of the law. From his beginnings as a law graduate to his daring exploits as a car thief and temporary judge, Mittal's life reads like a gripping crime novel. As authorities continue their pursuit, one thing is clear—'Super Natwarlal' will go down in history as one of India's most infamous criminal masterminds, a man who danced on the edge of the law and left a trail of stolen cars in his wake.