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How AppSealing fortifies mobile apps amidst a dynamic threat landscape

Positioned as a cutting-edge mobile app security solution, AppSealing confronts and overcomes the fluid challenges that app developers and businesses confront daily.

How AppSealing fortifies mobile apps amidst a dynamic threat landscape

Wednesday February 07, 2024 , 6 min Read

In a digital landscape fraught with cyber perils and ever-evolving threats, the world of application security is akin to a high-stakes battleground. Malicious actors, armed with sophisticated methods, exploit vulnerabilities, creating a dynamic and volatile environment for app developers and businesses. The quest for advanced security solutions has never been more pressing.

Global cyber threat landscape

In 2023, IBM reported a staggering global average cost of $4.45 million for a data breach, representing a significant 15% increase over a span of three years. This alarming escalation underscores the burgeoning financial toll cyber threats are exacting on organisations worldwide.

Further intensifying these concerns, CyberNews security researchers unearthed startling findings. They discovered that 14 of the most popular Android apps, collectively downloaded by over 140 million users, were inadvertently leaking user data due to misconfigurations. This revelation casts a spotlight on the vulnerabilities that persist even within widely adopted applications, posing a substantial risk to user privacy and security.

Looking ahead to 2024, with an anticipated 7.5 billion mobile devices globally, the proliferation of technology provides a fertile ground for potential threats. As mobile device penetration is yet to reach its peak, the expanding user base creates a new attack surface for fraudsters and hacktivists.

Amidst this dynamic and complex environment, AppSealing is a cutting-edge mobile app security solution, which is meticulously crafted to confront and overcome the fluid challenges that app developers and businesses confront daily. As a proactive and adaptive shield, AppSealing empowers its users to navigate the intricate web of security challenges with confidence and certainty.

AppSealing: A shield against cyber onslaught

Data breaches, intellectual property theft, and unauthorised access have emerged as critical threats, compromising not only user privacy but also the very essence of an application's integrity. The escalating volume and sophistication of these threats necessitate a comprehensive security solution capable of addressing these multifaceted challenges head-on.

Realising these complexities, AppSealing has been investing considerable time in enlightening partners about the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of security. Proactively engaging in discussions, AppSealing has crafted an extensive repository of resources, including whitepapers, case studies, and blogs, creating a knowledge hub within the security space.

With a simple no code solution, the process becomes as straightforward as sealing a letter. Armed with just a mobile application APK file, users can fortify their app effortlessly. This helps to empower users to navigate the complex world of security with ease. “By enabling features like dex encryption, cheat-tool detection, and safeguarding against untrusted environments, we ensure that launching a securely sealed app on the Play Store is a streamlined process, devoid of unnecessary complexities,” said Govindraj Basatwar, Managing Director, AppSealing.

AppSealing's proactive approach is rooted in a steadfast commitment to a "product culture first" organisational ethos. This mindset propels the company to continuously strive for innovation and stay one step ahead of evolving hacking methodologies. At the heart of this strategy is the establishment of an in-house threat analyst team, dedicated to meticulously monitoring emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

“To stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, we employ a robust intelligence-gathering process. This involves ongoing scrutiny of new packages that could potentially aid attackers in repackaging code or engaging in reverse engineering. Once initial intelligence is gathered, AppSealing swiftly mobilises its resources to counteract these threats effectively,” Basatwar said.

For instance, AppSealing maintains vigilant surveillance over the latest versions of tools such as Frida, Objection, RMS, Magisk, HMA, LuckyPatcher, AppClone, and more. This keen monitoring allows the organisation to promptly identify any potential risks associated with these tools and take immediate action to prevent security breaches. AppSealing then proactively communicates with its user base, recommending timely upgrades to the latest sealing version to fortify their defence against emerging threats. Its approach ensures that its users are shielded against the ever-evolving arsenal of hacking techniques.

“We, at AppSealing, are trying to cover all possible attack vectors and upgrading our security features up to the need. In the coming quarter, we are going one step ahead by providing Macro Bot detection and device fingerprinting features, which will help us position our product stronger,” he shared.

AppSealing’s functionality across industries

AppSealing is a versatile guardian, adapting its robust security measures to the unique challenges faced by industries, ensuring the continued trust of users and the integrity of critical data.

Finance and fintech

Finance and fintech sectors are particularly targeted by cyber threats seeking to compromise personal and financial information. AppSealing's robust security measures prove crucial in safeguarding against attempts to steal sensitive data or tamper with financial applications. As these industries rely heavily on maintaining trust and protecting personally identifiable information (PII), AppSealing's proactive approach becomes a linchpin in ensuring the security and integrity of financial applications.


In the healthcare industry, the protection of sensitive patient data is paramount. AppSealing's encryption technology and real-time monitoring play a critical role in safeguarding electronic health records (EHR) and other confidential information. With attackers targeting healthcare apps to steal valuable personal data or tamper with critical medical information, AppSealing's robust security measures, including dex encryption and data sealing, provide a formidable defence against potential breaches. By ensuring the integrity of healthcare applications, AppSealing helps maintain the trust of patients and healthcare providers alike.

Gaming industry

The gaming sector faces a unique set of challenges, particularly in financial transactions and the integrity of gaming applications. With real money involved, the gaming industry becomes a lucrative target for attackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities. AppSealing steps in to counteract threats such as application repackaging and cheat tool usage, which can lead to financial losses for gaming businesses. By employing cutting-edge security measures, including continuous monitoring and swift response to emerging threats, AppSealing ensures that gaming applications maintain their integrity and provide a secure environment for both users and businesses.

Ecommerce challenges and solutions

In the ecommerce space, where the foundation rests on user trust, AppSealing proves instrumental in securing financial transactions and user data. The platform addresses challenges specific to ecommerce, such as payment fraud, account hijacking, and the protection of customer personal information. AppSealing's encryption technology ensures that sensitive financial transactions are shielded from prying eyes, while real-time monitoring swiftly detects and neutralizss threats like account hijacking. By providing a secure online shopping environment, AppSealing bolsters the reputation of ecommerce platforms and instills confidence in users to engage in secure and seamless transactions.

A secure tomorrow

While AppSealing has been diligently analysing data across industries, the applicability of its solution extends beyond healthcare, gaming, and ecommerce. Its versatile nature makes it a valuable asset in any sector facing specific mobile app security challenges. Industries grappling with the protection of sensitive data, financial transactions, and maintaining a sterling reputation can leverage AppSealing's encryption and real-time monitoring capabilities to fortify their mobile applications against an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.