Steal Jack Dorsey's billion-dollar productivity playbook

Jack Dorsey had two companies under him that clocked billions in revenue. Here is the secret behind his productivity!

Steal Jack Dorsey's billion-dollar productivity playbook

Sunday November 19, 2023,

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Jack Dorsey had to run two companies as a CEO not long ago. In 2020, his firm Twitter clocked $3.72 billion and Square earned a whopping $9.49 billion in revenue. Both companies had one thing in common: Jack Dorsey. 

Being an entrepreneur and running a business is not easy at all in fact most people struggle to handle jobs let alone manage an entire company. However, Jack Dorsey handled two successful billion-dollar companies at the same time. 

While it may seem that Jack was an ultimate multitasker, he had another secret up his sleeve.

Science behind multitasking

Earlier it was believed that doing many tasks at once is a skill of mastery. However, recent studies reveal that multitasking actually is not productive at all. This is because going back and forth with different work makes us lose focus.

With divided attention in each task, poor performance is expected. But you may wonder, how can a person with two massive companies not multitask and get billions in revenue? The answer was unravelled by Jack Dorsey himself.


Ultimate productivity hack by Jack Dorsey

Like most CEOs, even Jack Dorsey had a schedule set by him. However, his routine was quite consistent and boosted his abilities to even take down dinosaurs-size work. Here is what he did.

Spending around 8 hours in both companies, Jack Dorsey formulated a method to elevate productivity and manage everything under him. He decided to divide his days into themes. This is what his schedule looked like:

  • Monday: Jack would focus on running the businesses and management of both firms
  • Tuesday: He would aim for the product 
  • Wednesday: Handling marketing, communications and growth
  • Thursday: Designated for partnerships and developers
  • Friday: Company, recruitment and culture

On Saturday, he would take an off to hike. Sunday is for reflections, getting feedback and strategising for the next week. 

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This simple hack allows entrepreneurs and startups to pay attention to one thing at a time thereby building a rhythm of work. The developers' team at Twitter and Square are aware they have seven days to state the progress of the work to their CEO Dorsey.

But is important to note that Jack is not the only successful entrepreneur who has benefited from this productivity hack. Even Steve Jobs is known for having consistent schedules. 

Jobs would address executive meetings on Mondays whereas on Wednesdays he would focus on marketing and advertising. In short, adding themes to your days can help you run your business efficiently. Apart from this, Jack also recommends meditating and exercising every day.