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How italics is empowering the next wave of content marketing

Italics is setting the gold standard in content marketing, by creating and curating premium content that empowers businesses to dominate in the digital space.

How italics is empowering the next wave of content marketing

Tuesday November 21, 2023 , 4 min Read

Up until the early 2000s, content creation was regarded merely as a nice-to-have for businesses. It was after 2011 that companies started recognising it as a key strategy and not just another trick to win the market. Fast forward to today, when content creation has become a non-negotiable for brands as it helps them create awareness and build trust.

It was against this backdrop that Gurugram-based italics emerged. Founded in 2005 by Harsh Vardhan Dutta, this then-modest venture was already harnessing the power of content. italics wasn't just on the content bandwagon; it was driving it. 

As the years rolled by, content marketing got more and more popular, on the back of a digital boom, including social media's ascent, algorithmic changes, an explosion of information, and increased internet access. 

Italics saw the writing on the wall and evolved. The agency isn’t just making content anymore. Now, it designs full-fledged content marketing plans that blend fresh ideas with smart thinking to gain more traffic engagement for new-age startups.

The early days

Italics began its journey in 2005 as a concept ahead of its time — turning content marketing from a backyard venture into a full-scale operation. 

Dutta says, “Back then, using content to market businesses wasn’t standard practice. Selling content was a challenging task, akin to making door-to-door sales. Social media was still in its infancy and SEO was just beginning to unfold”.

In its early days, italics dedicated itself to mastering the nuances of emerging platforms. Soon, it swiftly became a frontrunner in delivering content that ranked. 

"Our first big client was Bharti Airtel (India's second-largest telecom player) in 2006. Landing Airtel as a premier client was like hitting the jackpot, and it set the stage for what was to come”, Dutta says. 

After adding the Airtel feather to its hat, italics quickly ascended into the big leagues and secured partnerships with industry titans like Maruti Suzuki, Canon, Dabur, Muthoot Finance, and more.

Since then, the agency hasn’t looked back.

Expanding its reach

Over the years, italics has influenced content marketing for leading companies across the startup space. With content marketing services, it helps drive traffic and engagement through informational and creative content across platforms.  

The agency has broadened its reach, now delivering content to a varied roster of clients stretching from the US to Europe, in over 10 countries. Its expertise spans a gamut of industries from innovation-driven sectors like edtech, healthtech, deeptech and fintech to traditional ones like BFSI, FMCG, and beyond. 

As of today, italics serves the three primary verticals of content — SEO content writing, social media, and video production.

Dutta says, “We don't want our clients to be shopping at multiple places for content. We are truly a one-stop-shop”.

How italics raised the bar 

Boldly etched into the ethos of italics are two steadfast principles. The first: hire those who can think deeply and articulate clearly. Italics prides itself on its team of high-performance people who seamlessly bring together left-brain analysis and right-brain creativity. 

Dutta says: “We live in the era of information overload; if you want to stand out, you can't go by the generic playbook”.

The second is subject matter expertise, a non-negotiable for italics. For the company doesn’t just deliver content to clients; it matches experts with industries. Content for a BFSI client, for instance, is penned by finance specialists, while SaaS and IT clients are entrusted to seasoned tech geeks. 

This sharp focus on knowledgeable content sets the team apart in a sea of content marketing agencies. 

The company is steadfast in its ambition of becoming the go-to content marketing agency for startups and multinationals alike. Marking 18 years of operation, it has now set foot in South India with an office in Bengaluru. This expansion will enable a more comprehensive presence in the North and South of India. 

“Setting up shop in Bengaluru aligns perfectly with our focus on burgeoning hyphen-tech sectors like fintech and edtech that thrive there. It ensures we serve our southern clients with greater accuracy and dedication”, Dutta added. 

“Clients continue to have faith in italics as their content and marketing partner. This trust also stems from the fact that we consciously fence against using AI to fulfil content requirements. With a skilled in-house team of writers and editors, we ensure that all content-conscious companies get access to 100% authentic, customised, and human-thought content”, Dutta concludes.