From conception to cash: the journey of content monetisation

Experts Manish Pandey and Siddhant Jain outline strategies for diversifying income and combating piracy as a new generation of content creators navigates the digital landscape.

From conception to cash: the journey of content monetisation

Friday November 10, 2023,

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In a nation teeming with digital opportunities, content creators now possess the knowledge and tools to transform their passion into a prosperous journey. But the endless possibilities exist with numerous challenges.

At TechSparks 2023, Manish Pandey, one of India’s leading brand consultants and mentor to many successful content creators, and Siddhant Jain, the CEO of VdoCipher, known for its expertise in content security, spoke about how content creators can navigate the intricate world of content monetisation. 

The journey of content monetisation continues to evolve as creators increasingly explore new opportunities and leverage technology to reach their audiences.

Pandey started the discussion, painting a vivid picture of available monetisation avenues. “The key to long-term success for content creators lies in diversifying income streams,” he said, emphasising the need for a multi-pronged approach to monetisation.

Jain, known for his expertise in technology solutions for content creators, spoke about a crucial facet of content monetisation—the protection of intellectual property.

“Preventing piracy is the essence of safeguarding content creators' revenues,” he said, sharing how VdoCipher's solutions, including DRM encryption and user-based security analytics, equip creators with tools to tackle piracy and maintain control over their content.

The art of content monetisation

The discussion delved deep into the nuances of content monetisation, offering insights that can benefit content creators of all kinds and at all stages. Both Pandey and Jain emphasised the significance of embracing a multifaceted approach to income generation.

Pandey underscored the monetisation opportunities that platforms like YouTube offer once creators cross the 100,000-subscriber milestone. He also spoke about brand collaborations, revealing how they can yield substantial earnings for content creators.

“If you have 100k subscribers and can generate around 25,000 views on a video, a brand is happy to pay around 5 to 10k per video integration,” he said.

Jain shed light on the importance of proactively addressing piracy, especially in the Indian context, where legal frameworks for copyright protection might not be as robust as in some Western countries. He stressed the need for creators to adopt pre-piracy measures, emphasising that VdoCipher's technology solutions serve as a bastion against content theft.

“We provide strong DRM encryption, watermarking, and user-based security analytics to prevent illegal downloads and protect your content,” he said.

The road ahead for Indian content creators

It’s clear that the content creation ecosystem in India is poised for exponential growth. Pandey's optimism resonated with the audience as he envisioned a future where "we will have not one but 10 or 15 content creators with 100 million subscribers".

“Our biggest asset is our population, and the young demographic in India is ready for content consumption. Give it five to seven more years, and we will witness a surge in content creators,” he said.

Jain extended the discussion with insights into the significance of personalisation and localisation of content. He underlined that catering to niche audiences can cultivate a dedicated following. “Localising content is crucial. Even dialects that are not official languages can have dedicated followers. Content creators must engage their audience diligently,” he said.

The experts offered invaluable insights:

  • Diversify income streams: Pandey emphasised the importance of diversifying income streams, ensuring that content creators don't rely solely on one avenue for revenue.

  • Monetise after 100k subscribers: Pandey recommended that content creators aim to monetise after reaching 100,000 subscribers on platforms like YouTube, while simultaneously exploring brand collaborations.

  • Prevent piracy: Jain highlighted the need for proactive anti-piracy measures, suggesting that creators adopt pre-piracy tools like DRM encryption and watermarking to protect their content.

  • Cater to niche audiences: Jain encouraged content creators to personalise and localise their content, capturing niche audiences that can lead to dedicated followers and increased monetisation opportunities.

TechSparks 2023 Bengaluru edition focused on an empowering narrative for content creators, opening the doors to a world of creativity, security, and boundless potential. 

As Jain aptly stated, “The road ahead is bright for content creators in India. The journey is only beginning.”