Baapstore claims its sellers make 300% profits, without inventory investment

Baapstore is making ecommerce effortless and accessible. Its intuitive dropshipping model takes care of sourcing products, processing orders, and deliveries, allowing resellers to focus on marketing products and generating sales

Baapstore claims its sellers make 300% profits, without inventory investment

Thursday October 19, 2023,

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A digital revolution is unfolding In the sprawling labyrinth of India's ecommerce landscape. With every click of a mouse or swipe of a key and the swift completion of an online transaction, the future of retail is being rewritten.

In this dynamic era, one name stands out as a catalyst for change and for being the driving force behind the dreams of countless entrepreneurs and online sellers: Baapstore.

The story of Baapstore is not just one of success; it's a tale of transformation. It's about reshaping the very foundations of Indian ecommerce, making it accessible to all, from tech-savvy professionals to determined housewives, from seasoned online sellers to aspiring entrepreneurs. At its core, Baapstore is about democratising the ecommerce playing field.

In this thriving digital ecosystem, what makes Baapstore unique? Baapstore simplifies the ecommerce process, making it effortless and easily accessible to everyone. Their 5G dropshipping model ensures every intricate aspect of sourcing products, processing orders, and delivering them to customers is meticulously handled and seamlessly orchestrated, allowing resellers to focus on what they do best: marketing products and generating sales.

Ram, Operations Head, asserts on this change in the online selling industry. He says, “We are currently in a sharing economy. You share everything from cars to furnitures. Why should an online seller stock inventory then? rather our online sellers just focus on sales and sell unlimited products at 300% profits while we take care of everything else.”

Why Baapstore for dropshipping?

The company is India's first dropshipping provider and has maintained its position as a leading provider that understands sellers' requirements thoroughly and streamlines their businesses. In order to offer a robust dropshipping service, Baapstore offers five guarantees:

1. The largest number of dropshipping products: Consider a catalogue that consists of more than 150,000 products spanning more than 15 categories and more than 7,000 different product numbers. Baapstore offers resellers an unmatched variety of products to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

2. Prices are 50% lower than wholesale prices: The price point is not just competitive, it's par excellence. In comparison to traditional wholesalers, Baapstore items cost 50% less, this not only makes the Baapstore experience more cost-effective but also gives you the assurance of high-quality items.

3. Lowest shipping cost of flat Rs 49 : Logistics are streamlined to perfection with the Lowest Shipping Cost of Flat Rs 49, regardless of the weight, value, or distance of the order. In a market filled with logistics giants, Baapstore holds its own, often outperforming the biggest names.

4. Seamless Automations: In the digital age, the first impression is your website. Baapstore recognises this and offers resellers professionally designed automated websites with automatic stock and order updates.

5. Strong marketing support: Great products need great visibility. Baapstore arms its resellers with a suite of integrated marketing tools, free marketing courses, and exclusive access to a database of over nine million potential customers, challenging even the most seasoned marketing agencies.

But the power of Baapstore isn't just a story of features and guarantees. It's a story told through numbers that reflect real-world impact. With 1,500+ premium resellers spanning across the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Mozambique, 500+ manufacturers in partnership, and 5,000+ daily orders processed, Baapstore has become a digital juggernaut.

Its reach spans 27,000+ pincodes across all 28 states in India, ensuring two-day deliveries in metro zones - an industry benchmark. With a remarkably low 8% return ratio and 0% weight discrepancy charges, Baapstore promises excellence at every turn.

Karthic Gurnani, Founder, recently reflected on Baapstore's journey, stating, “There is no other dropshipping platform on earth that can match our services or prices. Our ultimate aim is to be The Only Choice when it comes to dropshipping platform in India and abroad.”

Amidst the relentless march of the digital age, the ecommerce landscape offers unparalleled opportunities. A platform like Baapstore simplifies inventory management and technical intricacies, allowing sellers to focus their attention on marketing and sales. Through this pivotal shift, Baapstore has become a catalyst for driving seller efficiency and profitability. Take advantage of this opportunity, as Baapstore has opened the doors to a world of new possibilities.

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