The Global Shapers Bangalore Hub event on May 3 aims to redesign women’s safety in Bangalore


It is common knowledge that India is considered unsafe for women, and it comes as no surprise that according to the National Crime Records Bureau, Delhi is the most unsafe city in India. Cosmopolitan Bangalore came second.

The Global Shapers Bangalore Hub — an initiative by the World Economic Forum that consists of exceptional young people below 30 years  working together to find fresh solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges — is organizing a day-long event dubbed Bangalore Plays, on May 3rd. The event is part of a global “City Series” started by the Global Shapers Community to highlight local issues or trends, through innovative, impact-driven events.

The event will use the medium of theatre and design to come up with innovative ideas to improve women’s safety in Bangalore.

Arundhuti Gupta, founder of Mentor Together and a Global Shaper, is current curator of the Bangalore Hub. She feels there’s so much talk on the issue, but little involvement of everyday Bangaloreans to really work on solutions. Hence, this immersive solution-focused day. “We are quite excited about it, and want to curate a truly inter-disciplinary group of 50 people who can spend the day with us,” says Gupta. The Bangalore Hub is one of the 300-strong network of hubs under the World Economic Forum.

The day-long event, which is invite-only, will comprise of four immersive experiences:

  •  Re-live: will be stories from women employing the method of theatrical storytelling.
  • Re-construct: will involve breaking down of the situation to the crucial moments that mattered.
  • Re-imagine: this session will involve the participants ideating on what could have been different about the situation and how to go about changing it.
  • Re-tell: the final session will retell the story in a changed fashion that will hopefully find a solution or resolution to the conflict.

The Global Shapers Bangalore Hub is looking for 50 pioneer innovators, entrepreneurs and disruptors or P.I.E.D pipers who will immerse themselves, ruminate and come up with solutions to Bangalore problems revolving around women’s safety.

Go to to signal your interest in attending. The event takes place on May 3rd at Freedom Park in Bangalore. The global sponsors for the event include Coca Cola, Reliance Industries Limited and The Abraaj Group.

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