Applications for Villgro’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program and Villgro Fellowship 2014 close in April

Villgro is inviting applications for its Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program and Villgro Fellowship 2014. The last dates to apply are April 6th and April 13th 2014 respectively. The Entrepreneur-in-Residence is a first time initiative by Villgro while the Villgro Fellowship has reached its sixths year now.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

Villgro’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence is a 12-month programme designed to give first-time entrepreneurs an opportunity to convert their innovative ideas for a product or service into a social enterprise. Entrepreneurs accepted into the programme receive mentoring, office space and facilities, classroom sessions, monthly stipend, network of service providers and funding for research and prototyping. The programme aims to address the common concerns of social entrepreneurs at the start of their journey and mitigate the risks associated with starting up a social enterprise.

“It is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to work on the formative stages of their enterprise through a structured programme of entrepreneur training and development, and intense mentorship,” says Kavita Rajagopalan, Head, Entrepreneur-in-Residence. “By offering this kind of support, we are hoping to nurture the next big idea that can change the lives and circumstances of those who need it the most.”

Applications for the Entrepreneur-in-Residence programme close on April 6, 2014. Visit here to know more and apply for the programme.

Villgro application

Villgro Fellowship

The Villgro Fellowship is in its sixth year in 2014. It is a one-year programme that gives skilled professionals the opportunity to explore the world of social enterprise and work closely with entrepreneurs who are building businesses for the poor. Fellows are part of a leadership development programme that provides exposure to business models that serve the poor.

Social enterprises often face a shortage of talent in important areas like operations, finance, marketing, HR or IT, among others. The fellows spend a year with them to help fill this critical talent gap at a key stage in their journey. After a month of training and induction, the Villgro Fellow will join one of Villgro’s portfolio companies as a team member. The fellow will work directly with the entrepreneur, get immersed in the day-to-day activities of building the business and gain first-hand exposure on addressing the needs of the poor.

“The curriculum engages you through interactions with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and academics in the field, who will push you to think creatively and build on your strengths and expertise so you can effect social change,” says Priya Thachadi Soman, Head, Fellowship.

Applications for the Villgro Fellowship 2014-2015 close on April 13, 2014. Visit here to know more and apply for the programme.


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