Want to become a social entrepreneur? Join the Master’s program at Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

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About DCSE:
With an aim to demystify social entrepreneurship for young and creative minds, this residential program is carefully designed from a practitioner’s perspective. MSE is hosted by the DCSE that has been a breeding ground of several start-ups, an international network of enterprises and concrete partnerships with over 100 for profits and not –for profits who all are engaged in solving social issues with a compassionate heart and entrepreneurial mindset.

About the Course:
The two year program has 25 different courses that blend practical experience with personal mentor-ship with real entrepreneurs. Deshpande Centers have been launched in renowned universities throughout the US and Cananda, with the sole objective to make “learning relevant and responsive to real time challenges” and to embark on an even more ambitious aim to help students not just ‘learn’ about entrepreneurship but find the inspirations and tools of becoming an entrepreneurs themselves.

Learn more about their international work at  and India work at

Infrastructure and other facilities:
MSE will be hosted at Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship campus that has fully equipped classrooms, featuring audio and video facilities and WiFi. The center has additional facilities such as an incubation space, auditorium, digital lab, seminar hall and a robust library containing books, magazines, journals and contemporary digital content. Being located at DCSE, the MSE program brings the possibility of getting incubated in their Entrepreneur in Residence program, where students can develop transform their entrepreneurial dream into a reality.

Fifty per cent of the students have started student ventures, some students got paid internships, which included opportunities outside of India.

Who should join MSE? 
Graduates in any field who are looking to step into creating or managing a social enterprise themselves and individuals who are passionate about social issues and display entrepreneurial acumen.

How to apply?
Last date to receive applications is 15th Feb 2014. Applications can be downloaded through their website (

For more information call +91 9686113996 or email

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