[Jobs Roundup] CEO, medical personnel, consultant, DevOps architect, accountant and 15+

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Do you want to start 2014 with new challenges? Check SocialStory’s first Jobs Roundup of 2014 and apply now:


1. Aga Khan Foundation: AKF has been implementing a multi-input development program in central and northern Afghanistan since 2002. One of the largest development agencies in the country, AKF works closely with the Government, private sector and civil society in Afghanistan to improve the quality of life in its focus areas. With more than 1,600 staff in eight provinces, AKF leverages the support of many international donors, including Canada, Germany, USA, Norway, and the European Union to develop high quality programming. They are looking for a new Chief of Executive Officer (CEO), who will provide strategic direction to AKF’s evolving programmes; motivate and manage a multinational team and positively influence the Afghan environment within the global development agenda and also be responsible for fund-raising from international and domestic donor agencies as well as corporate sources. Application’s deadline is 10 January. Click here to read more about it and know how to apply.

2. Babajob: Babajob.com is a web and mobile start-up dedicated to bringing better job opportunities to the informal job sector (cooks, maids, security guards, office helpers, etc.) by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services. They have five open positions located in Bangalore:

  • Job Seeker Acquisition Associate to drive the design and creation of all content geared towards improving the livelihood outcomes of Babajob’s user base of job seekers;
  • DevOps Architects with experience in web scale to solve hockey stick growth problems. Application’s deadline is 1st February;
  • Product Manager to plan and execute a defined product roadmap for their job seeker and customer experience features. Application’s deadline is 31 December;
  • Female Tele Caller fluent in English, Hindi and Kannada to make effective outbound calls and lead generation activity by tele-calling or cold calling to ensure a robust sales pipeline. Application’s deadline is 10 January.

3. Earthy Goods Foundation:  the foundation works primarily with micro enterprises, non-profit livelihood based organisations and artisans to build their ability to create marketable products, meet market standards and earn a secure livelihood. Earthy Goods’s specialties include Livelihood Projects Consulting, Strategic CSR, Ethical Gifting, Training and capacity-building for non-profits and social enterprises. They currently have 4 open positions:

  • Project Associate, to lead and manage portfolio of projects;
  • Artisan & NGO Mobilization Associate, who will travel around India to mobilize artisans and artisan groups who have traditionally never operated in a collective fashion;
  • Marketing & Social Media Specialist, to develop and deliver a communication strategy and create and manage a strong pipeline of retail customers for the portfolio of products;
  • Merchandiser for Contemporary Handcrafts, who will handle the product life-cycle and  work with product designers and artisans on one hand and the marketing team on the other to oversee production of 2-3 collections per year.

4. Institute of Social Research & Development: The ISRD believes that development of India is possible only when the fruits of latest technologies and inventions seep into everyday life of rural people. Their programmes focus on education and literacy, water sanitation, vocational education/Skill development, technology dissemination, tribal development, woman & child development, environment conservation and more. ISRD is looking for an Accountant based in Bhopal with advanced knowledge in Tally. Click here to read more about this job and know how to apply. Application’s deadline is 25 January.

5. SEWA Bharat: The Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is a women’s organization that aims to organize women in the informal sector across 9 states in India. It is committed to strengthening the movement of women in the informal economy by highlighting their issues at the national level and building its member organizations’ capacity to empower them. SEWA has currently nine open positions in several locations (only for female candidates):

  • District Project Coordinator – Madhubani, Bihar & Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Office Assistant – Patna and Madhubani, Bihar & Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Trainer of Fashion Designing - Patna & Madhubani, Bihar and Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Trainer of Computer Training - Patna & Madhubani, Bihar and Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Trainer of Beauty Culture - Patna & Madhubani, Bihar and Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Trainer of NIOS preparation (Open schooling exams) - Patna & Madhubani, Bihar and Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Organiser - Patna & Madhubani, Bihar and Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Field Mobiliser - Patna & Madhubani, Bihar and Alwar, Rajasthan;
  • Resource Center In charge - Patna & Madhubani, Bihar and Alwar, Rajasthan.

Application’s deadline is 05 January. Click here to read more about each position and learn how to apply.

6. Tamil Nadu Government Super Speciality Hospital: based in Chennai, the hospital is looking to hire a director and various Medical personnel, as Senior Consultant, Associate Consultant, Junior Consultant, Register and Resident. Click here to register on the Medical Services Recruitment Board (MRB) website.

7. The Poorest Areas Civil Society: PACS is an initiative of the United Kingdom Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), to work with civil society in India, to help socially excluded groups claim their rights and entitlements more effectively. PACS covers 90 districts in seven states – Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. They will engage a full-time Programme Officer (Consultant) who can coordinate with the Civil Society Organisations and monitor their interventions on the theme of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), implemented under the PACS project in Bihar. Application’s deadline is 14 January. Click here to read more about this position and know how to apply.

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