10 heart touching videos from 2013. Especially the 6th one.

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kid and mom2013 is going to end soon. It is a perfect time to look back and take stock of the year. No matter who we are and where we come from, there are bound to be little episodes that brought a smile on our faces this year. Probably, those are the moments that make our life worth living.

Watch these 10 videos which will surely touch you.

1. The banker who saved an entire family of ducks

Who said life of a banker is boring? In this video you can see how an ordinary day was transformed in a moment inspiring an entire crowd of people to help those ducks to find their way back to the lake.

2. Five-year-old who beat cancer and became BatKid for a day

Make-a-Wish Foundation gavethe best gift to Miles, a five-year-old American kid affected by leukemia turning San Francisco into Gotham City for a day. This event became viral and thousands of volunteers decided to help Miles’ dream come true.

3. The campaign to break stereotypes

Who said a girl can’t play football? Why do we need to judge a girl from her appearance? We need to think out of the box and just be ourselves. That’s the message of this campaign promoted by TAASA to end sexual violence.

4. The flight company which gave the best Christmas to its customers

West Jet gave one of the best surprises ever to its customers. Instead of the passengers baggage, there were gifts waiting or them in the baggage claim area.

5. Even homeless deserve a smile

Tired of videos going viral without any purpose, some people decided to launch this initiative asking YouTube users to film themselves giving a smile to homeless people. Watch the result.

6. You are my sunshine

Love is a powerful feeling. But when you love the same person for 66 years, that’s something really special. And when your lover is in the hospital and you start to sing together your favourite song, well, that’s such a sweet moment.

7. The blind girl who realised her biggest wish

Ally, a blind girl, had just one wish,to drive a car. All her classmates commited to help her realising her dream and decided to give her the best birthday gift.

8. A football team which rallied around a six-year-old teased for his speech problems

Some young boys from Bridgewater show they are truly wise beyond their years when they rally around a boy who was being teased for his speech problems. They decided to come to school dressed in a jacket and tie, just as he does.

9. The man who just wanted to make his wife laugh while she was enduring chemotherapy

Bob Carey, a photographer, decided to start shooting himself with a pink Tutu to make his wife laugh during her chemotherapy. What he didn’t know was that those photos became viral and helped so many people in the same condition.

10. Muslims who shared the beauty of their culture during Eid

These guys decided to break stereotypes about Muslims offering free food during Eid to share with their community.

Which video made your 2013 special? Share it with us by posting it in the comments section.