Harvard Business School – ACCION Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance

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Are you the senior executive of a “retail microfinance institution, banking institution, or other organization interested in microfinance”?  Are you an “industry-related policy-maker or investor”?  Are you looking for ways to:

  • succeed in highly competitive financial sectors
  • balance a social focus in a commercial setting
  • reach new business segments
  • evolve products and delivery channels

If you answered yes to these questions, the HBS-ACCION Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance might be the right choice for you:

Building on two highly successful years, the 2008 HBS-ACCION Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance course offers for the first time an expanded curriculum for all financial institutions – from microfinance specialists to conventional commercial banks – engaged in expanding finance to underserved clients around the world. In 2006 and 2007, HBS and ACCION brought together microfinance practitioners from 33 countries – including 36 CEOs from some of the field’s leading microfinance institutions

Participants in the 2008 program can expect to leave the course with an enhanced perspective on their leadership roles as well as insights on commercial finance that will shape their strategies in a rapidly changing industry.

The program begins on Sunday, June 15th, and ends on Saturday, June 21st.  For more information, go here, or contact hbsaccion@accion.org.

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